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At The Wonderful Company, we grow, harvest, and market some of the world’s healthiest products. We care about the well-being of our employees and their families. There’s a health crisis in our country, and we want our employees to know they don’t have to go it alone. That’s why Wonderful Health & Wellness is pushing the boundaries of health care. We actively engage with our employees where they live and work to help them enjoy robust, happy, healthful lives surrounded by family and friends. Imagine joining a team with the mission and resources to provide transformative care for your patients and the entire community. Explore careers.

Active, innovative, comprehensive, caring.

Our newly built Wonderful Wellness Centers are part of a unique wraparound program to improve employee health on every front: at the workplace, at home, and in the community. Health coaches develop tailored exercise programs and healthy meal plans for every employee. We provide on-site gyms, free healthy snacks, and exercise breaks during each shift. We offer affordable, wholesome meals in our cafes, and a fresh produce market at cost. We encourage mindful meditation and conduct diabetes workshops—all because we believe the best care extends beyond the doctor’s office.

Health care
without hurdles.

Our clinicians are empowered to focus on patient health—without jumping through insurance hoops. Every other doctor’s office is rewarded for seeing as many patients as they can, as quickly as they can. That’s not how we operate. There is no insurance company. Our reward is the health and wellness of our community. Our Wonderful Wellness Centers are comfortable and inviting, encouraging personal connections and preventive care. Our focus is on the whole person and the whole family—the way health care should be.

You to the rescue.

We created Wonderful Health & Wellness to change the paradigm of health in the Central Valley. There’s a health problem in America, and it’s even worse at our company. As it stands, 87% of our employees will have pre- or full diabetes by the time they reach their 50s. We are educating our employees about this health crisis. We are giving our employees the tools to fight obesity and diabetes. We even pay employees to lose weight. Our health experts work as a team to walk hand in hand with patients on a path to health. It is our hope that other companies and industries across America will follow suit. We care so deeply. And that’s why we need dedicated professionals who believe as we do. 

Wonderful wellness stories.

More than anything, we want our employees to be able to run and play with their kids and grandkids, to live long, healthy, happy lives. Our approach is working. Just listen to these success stories.

  • Dr. Daniela Connelly,
    Senior Medical Officer
  • Anthony Hilario,
    Health Coach

“I’m practicing medicine like I could only have dreamed of before. Our model provides free, high-quality health care that is integrated with psychiatry, nutrition, and health coaching, and is backed by a company culture that facilitates healthy behaviors.”


– Dr. Daniela Connelly, Senior Medical Officer


Join our loving, growing family.

 Our salaries and benefits, including a comprehensive relocation package, are competitive with the best in the industry. Click here to learn more about the opportunities at Wonderful Health & Wellness.

Joining forces to deliver better care.

We’re teaming up with world-class partners to revolutionize health care in the Central Valley.


A Wonderful place to live.
A meaningful place to work.

California’s beautiful Central Valley is home to tight-knit communities, wide open spaces, and revolutionary health care.

Life in the Central Valley.

World-class vineyards, festivals, and
events in the Golden State.

Most of our Wonderful Health & Wellness employees live in Bakersfield, Paso Robles or Visalia. With affordable living and access to vibrant downtown areas, these communities are rich in activities, but reside peacefully outside the hustle and bustle of big-city life. See what it’s like to live and work in these Central Valley cities. 

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Helping the community
“one neighborhood at a time.”

David Brooks of The New York Times published an article about the work we’re doing in the Central Valley and the difference it has made.

“We’re beginning to see the rise of intentional community instigators. If social capital isn’t going to form spontaneously, people and groups will try to jump-start it into existence.” 

– David Brooks, The New York Times